Healthy teeth for life!

Prevention is about providing dental care and education to you and your family which will help you to keep your teeth and gums free from disease so that you can enjoy “Healthy teeth for life”.

preventive dentistry

Your first visit

At your first visit a personal history will be taken followed by a full examination. We may take x-rays and photographs and discuss any current problems you may have. We have state of the art technology which takes special pictures of your teeth so we can see any problems close up. We can then decide jointly on a full treatment plan and provide you with a written quotation of the fees involved. The only treatment carried out at this first appointment would be emergency treatment.

Your prevention plan

The biggest issues faced by most people are tooth decay and gum disease. Together, we can treat and prevent both of these conditions.

  • Tooth decay is prevented by reducing the frequency of sugar consumption. We will offer advice and encouragement to help you do this.
  • Gum disease is prevented by efficient daily removal of plaque. We will show you plaque control techniques such as efficient brushing and flossing and we will periodically remove the hard stains and calculus (Tartar, scale) that trap plaque.

We will also arrange a personal prevention plan involving home care routines and professional care at intervals suited to your particular dental health needs.

Routine repair work

Modern techniques make fillings that look and feel pleasant, and involve procedures that are simple and straightforward. Working privately we always allow the optimum time and use the finest materials to ensure the best final appearance and longest life for your fillings.