General Practice Fee Guide 2018

Procedure Denplan Independent
Examination Appointment 0 £83.00
(fully inclusive of x-rays, advice etc)
Scaling, Polishing, Oral Hygiene Instruction 0 £85.00
Mr Nayler, Mrs Griffiths or Hygienist, per unit time.
Fissure sealing (per tooth) 0 £25.00
Fillings 0 £130.00 – £285.00
Light-cured white fillings and traditional silver amalgam fillings.
Root fillings 0 £390.00 – £595.00
Upper or lower teeth £220.00 £220.00
Upper and lower teeth £395.00 £395.00
Crowns and Bridges
Porcelain veneer £135.00 £600.00
Porcelain-bonded-to-gold alloy crown £125.00 £650.00
Full and partial coverage gold crowns £200.00 £700.00
All porcelain crown £140.00 £665.00
Lava all porcelain crown £165.00 £675.00
Multiple crown cases may benefit from economies of scale
Bridges are charged at multiples of the crown scale, less an allowance for scale economies.
Prosthetics (dentures)
Full upper and lower acrylic dentures £220.00 £900.00
Full upper or lower dentures £120.00 £600.00
Partial acrylic dentures £60.00 – £120.00 £350.00 – £550.00
Cast metal dentures £230.00 £750.00
Bite raising appliance £60.00 £300.00
Surgical treatment
Simple extractions 0 £135.00
Other treatment 0 By Quotation

Denplan patients pay only the actual technicians fee, examples above. Otherwise fees are calculated by the hourly rate for surgery time, with technicians fees added. Written advance estimates are given to all patients. It is practice policy to request payment in instalments during a course of treatment. Accounts must be settled in full on completion of treatment.


Mastercard, American Express and Visa credit cards are accepted.

Procedure Cost

Fee Guide for Navid Saberi
Consultation for Single Tooth or two adjacent teeth £95.00
Consultation for more than one tooth £150.00
Non-Surgical Endodontics
Subject to Estimate from £600.00
Surgical Endodontics
Subject to Estimate from £600.00
Fee Guide for – Elisa Agudo & Riccardo Zambon
Consultation with the Periodontist (1 hour) £145.00

Will give treatment plan with costs on the day. If you need anything else explained, please do not hesitate to contact us.