What is Periodontics?

Periodontics is the management and treatment of diseases of the gums, and the replacement of missing teeth with implants. Patients with gum disease are referred to our periodontist by their general dentists if they consider periodontal treatment to be necessary.


Periodontal Treatment

The first step in gum disease management is a thorough examination and chart of the gums to diagnose and discover the extent of the problem. X-rays may be taken, or may be provided by the referring general dentist.


A course of treatment can then be decided upon, which may involve the referring general dentist and hygienist as well as the periodontist. Successful treatment is always reliant on enthusiastic plaque control and home tooth and gum care by the patient. During gum disease treatment, routine dental care is still provided by the referring general dentist.


After successful treatment a programme of maintenance and review is agreed, and the patient continues as a patient of their own dentist.


Please use our online referral form to refer a patient to our periodontist.