Once your teeth have been restored to full dental health you may benefit from a range of techniques to improve the appearance of your smile.


It is always our pleasure to create attractive, realistic smiles for our patients. We can even show you how good your teeth could look by creating simulated dentistry on pictures of your teeth so why not contact us to make an appointment today?

cosmetic dentistry
Using the latest gentle bleaching techniques, we can simply and dramatically brighten your smile for special occasions or just because it’s something you always wanted to do. The system we use allows you to control the pace and extent of your teeth whitening, and will after you have had it done once, set you up should you wish to whiten even further in future. Most of the practice team have whitened their teeth this way so you can see the live results for yourself!
Dental implants are an exciting development to replace missing teeth. Our registered Specialists, Elisa Agudo and Riccardo Zambon, will be pleased to see you for an implant consultation
Porcelain veneers to correct uneven or discoloured front teeth. This is the appearance-transforming technique most often seen on television makeover programmes.
We can apply white filling materials which restore the tooth’s natural appearance.
We can apply crowns to attractively restore heavily filled teeth. Like veneers they bring strength and appearance to restored teeth.
Bridges replace any missing teeth, without the need for a denture.